Tree of Life

  • 8 December 2022

    Meet the software developers, informaticians and bioinformaticians who are helping to sequence the DNA of all life on earth.

  • 8 December 202210.4 min read

    Find out about Genomes on a Tree (or GoaT) database, which will hold data for the hundreds of thousand of species that are currently having their genomes sequenced for the first time.

  • 9 November 202231.2 min read

    We talk to Physilia Chua about her work to monitor biodiversity and make DNA sequencing more accessible.

  • 10 October 20229.4 min read

    New genome sequence will boost research into the evolution and population genetics of killer whales

  • 3 October 20226.1 min read

    This free and open event brings together international researchers to share breakthroughs, challenges and advances in how we apply genomics to understanding, utilising and protecting life on Earth.

  • 7 September 20226.3 min read

    Dr Joana Meier, new group leader in the Tree of Life programme, describes her research into how and why groups of animals evolve and diversify into new species over millennia.

  • 31 May 20222.6 min read

    Behind the scenes of Sanger's Tree of Life programme

  • 28 March 20225.3 min read

    Meet Leia Zhao, a research assistant working in the Evolutionary Genomics group in the Tree of Life Programme.