Tree of Life

  • 21 September 2023

    With adult Pine Hoverflies seen in Scotland for the first time in many years, top-quality genome sequences are now helping make a permanent success of saving arguably Britain’s most endangered insect.

  • 14 September 202317.4 min read

    A thousand reference genomes of the highest quality have now been produced for diverse eukaryotic species across the tree of life.

  • 3 August 202315 min read

    From sex-changing fish to asexual lizards, these and many more species will be captured in a new sex database made possible by the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s powerful genomic resources.

  • 21 June 202319.3 min read

    Sanger researchers are involved in large-scale projects that aim to revolutionise how we monitor and understand global biodiversity – starting with insects. But some of their work is starting closer to home, working with schools and local communities to monitor insect biodiversity across Cambridgeshire and Essex.

  • 8 December 202226.6 min read

    Meet the software developers, informaticians and bioinformaticians who are helping to sequence the DNA of all life on earth.

  • 8 December 202210.4 min read

    Find out about Genomes on a Tree (or GoaT) database, which will hold data for the hundreds of thousand of species that are currently having their genomes sequenced for the first time.

  • 9 November 202231.2 min read

    We talk to Physilia Chua about her work to monitor biodiversity and make DNA sequencing more accessible.

  • 10 October 20229.4 min read

    New genome sequence will boost research into the evolution and population genetics of killer whales