Human Cell Atlas

  • 30 April 2021

    Professor Muzlifah Haniffa shares her thoughts achieving large-scale science.

  • Dr Sarah Teichmann
    2 July 20209.6 min read

    We spoke to the Head of Cellular Genetics at the Sanger Institute about her life, career and the Human Cell Atlas.

  • 8 April 20209.2 min read

    The Human Cell Atlas is being used to guide future research into human development, biology, health, and disease.

  • 11 February 20206.5 min read

    Dr Kerstin Meyer, Principal Staff Scientist at the Sanger Institute, explains what it’s like to work on a such a huge, collaborative endeavour

  • Scmap map of individual cells
    14 May 20184.5 min read

    Single cell RNA sequencing data can be used to identify cell types. Martin Hemberg and Vladimir Kiselev explain how their new scmap method can help the Human Cell Atlas initiative by analysing this data.

  • 6 April 20183.9 min read

    06.04.18 Valentine Svensson explains how the new computational method SpacialDE interprets single-cell data to identify which genes are switched on in different locations, allowing researchers to zoom into the structures of tissues.