Sanger Science

  • 25 October 2021

    Patient advocates share their involvement in the mutographs research project, their experiences of cancer, and their journey around the globe.

  • 7 October 202110.4 min read

    Quantifying the mutational landscape of the human body

  • Processing COVID-19 samples at the Sanger Institute
    3 November 20207.5 min read

    Helping to track coronavirus outbreaks.

  • 22 October 202016.2 min read

    This photo essay goes behind the scenes of the effort to sequence the genome of the COVID-19 virus at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

  • 19 August 20208 min read

    The Sanger Institute is built for high-throughput science – but the project to sequence coronavirus demanded more samples were handled more quickly than ever before.

  • 3 August 20204.1 min read

    Hiding in the genome of a newly-sequenced red colobus monkey, there was a second species - a parasite descended from malaria.

  • 26 June 202010.5 min read

    We reflect on what followed the publication of the human genome sequence for the Sanger Institute, and what the future holds.

  • 28 April 20209.7 min read

    This World Malaria Day we look at three ambitious projects, backed by the Sanger Institute Technology Transfer Office, which are tackling areas key to eliminating malaria.