Sanger Science

  • 17 November 2022

    How genomic surveillance is helping to spot, track and predict drug resistance in malaria parasites across the globe.

  • 3 November 202213 min read

    Ben Lehner joins the Sanger Institute as a new Senior Group Leader. He seeks to lay the foundations for programmable biology.

  • 30 June 20226.5 min read

    Dr Josie Bryant is a new group leader at the Sanger Institute. She is interested in how microbes in the human lung evolve and adapt over time and how this affects health and disease. We spoke to Josie about the inspirations behind her science, returning to Sanger, and what excites her about establishing a new research group.

  • 17 May 202217.6 min read

    Explore the surprising secrets of DNA, genes and genomes.

  • 25 April 20225.4 min read

    How MalariaGEN's latest genetic data resources are helping in the fight to eliminate malaria.

  • 31 March 20225 min read

    The newly determined sequence covers previously inaccessible regions of chromosomes, bringing a new era for genomics.

  • 18 March 20223 min read

    March 20th is Li Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS) Awareness Day. People will be on social media, wearing blue, #WearBlueForLFS, to raise awareness of this little-known cancer syndrome

  • 21 December 202184.7 min read

    We would like to bring you 21 things that we have learned in the year 2021