Sanger Science

  • 2 October 2023

    Unravelling the genomics of infectious cancer

  • 28 September 202318.6 min read

    A determined leader in public health, Saheer is used to making the “impossible” not only possible, but routine.

  • Lee research group
    26 July 202310.1 min read

    At the end of July 2023, Dr Marcus Lee and his research group will finalise the move of their Malaria Parasite Drug Resistance programme to the University of Dundee, where he is now Professor of Parasite Molecular Genetics.

  • 26 July 20238.3 min read

    Nearly twenty three years after first joining the Wellcome Sanger Institute, at the end of July Dr Matt Berriman will complete the move of his research to the University of Glasgow, where he is now Professor of Parasitology.

  • Stylised diagram of prime editing in action
    17 July 202311.4 min read

    Prime editing is the latest technique that enables scientists to alter the DNA of a living cell. It builds on CRISPR-Cas9 technology, and offers the potential to edit human cells to treat genetic diseases.

  • 20 June 202318.5 min read

    With a decade of experience turning mosquitoes into genomic data, Alistair Miles is a pillar of the community of entomologists and analysts that keep track of the evolutionary twists and turns of malaria mosquitoes

  • 30 May 202317.6 min read

    An interview with the Sanger Institute’s new director, Matt Hurles.

  • 22 May 20238.4 min read

    Mentoring and training early career scientists; building technology that can adapt to humid and hotter countries; finding a way of transporting anaerobic microorganisms. The pathway to accelerating microbiome research isn’t lacking challenges.