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Mosquito in close up. Image credit: CDC/Dr Paul Howell

Building capacity for genomic surveillance of malaria mosquitoes in Africa

Funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will enable the Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) to launch nine new projects for mosquito genomics researchers across Africa. The Sanger Institute will sequence 500 mosquito genomes from each study. The deadline for research applications is 3 October 2018

In search of the hidden reservoir of Malaria

20.12.16 Arthur Talman explains how his field work in Mali could help understand the behaviour of malaria parasites.

Plasmodium falciparum. Credit: Wellcome Images

Stealth and sabotage

15.07.15 Abigail Perrin explains how malaria parasites trick our immune system

Keeping pace with changing parasite genetics

25.04.15 Malaria parasites adapt at a frightening rate. A global collaboration has compiled a large collection of P. falciparum genomes and is using this resource to keep up.

Wondrous diversity

04.02.15 Malaria-transmitting mosquito populations harbour an extraordinary potential for adaptation, says Alistair Miles

Credit: Free Vector Maps, DOI:

Poised and waiting for malaria’s next move

11.09.14 Scientists across Africa have set up a network to track and rapidly respond to the emergence of antimalarial drug resistance. Sanger International Fellow Abdoulaye Djimdé explains why it’s so vital

Credit: The Wellcome Trust courtesy of RA Shooter, Wellcome Images

Secrets and secretions of merozoite proteins

10.07.14 If we can understand the function of the proteins displayed on the surface of malaria parasites, we might be able to make highly effective vaccines