A lasting legacy

2021-10-13T14:36:21+01:0016 August 2019|

Meet the next generation of genomic scientists who are benefiting from our founder's generosity

Vaccines: Life savers against infectious diseases

2021-10-12T14:56:03+01:002 August 2019|

Smallpox has been stamped out and various other diseases are declining, thanks to vaccination. But not all diseases have vaccines yet – can genomics help speed up the search?

More than just malaria

2021-10-11T12:03:10+01:0024 April 2019|

Researchers can change children's futures in many more ways than just helping to beat a killer disease...

Building capacity for genomic surveillance of malaria mosquitoes in Africa

2018-09-21T12:32:16+01:0021 September 2018|

Funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will enable the Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) to launch nine new projects for mosquito genomics researchers across Africa. The Sanger Institute will sequence 500 mosquito genomes from each study. The deadline for research applications is 3 October 2018

Stealth and sabotage

2015-07-15T08:01:25+01:0015 July 2015|

15.07.15 Abigail Perrin explains how malaria parasites trick our immune system

Keeping pace with changing parasite genetics

2015-04-24T10:49:31+01:0024 April 2015|

25.04.15 Malaria parasites adapt at a frightening rate. A global collaboration has compiled a large collection of P. falciparum genomes and is using this resource to keep up.

Wondrous diversity

2015-02-04T09:30:40+00:004 February 2015|

04.02.15 Malaria-transmitting mosquito populations harbour an extraordinary potential for adaptation, says Alistair Miles