Influencing Policy

  • 3 October 2022

    Science is not a zero sum game. We all win when we work together and the Horizon Europe programme is a fantastic opportunity that brings researchers across Europe to grow their skils and solve many of our most pressing issues. Falling out of this community will damage the UK’s science for many years to come, argues Sarion Bowers, Head of Policy at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

  • 1 September 20227.9 min read

    Read our Associate Director's report from the recent Global Genetics Conference.

  • Family tree being drawn on a whiteboard
    19 March 20203.3 min read

    Genetic testing is becoming a standard part of UK healthcare, with plans to expand its use. But who does this information belong to, and who decides who it is shared with?

  • signposts with Uk and EU flags
    17 January 20195.2 min read

    Sarion Bowers, Policy Lead at the Sanger Institute, reflects on how Brexit will affect science.

  • 20 December 20188.5 min read

    Hayley Clissold from the Sanger Institute's policy team team explores the issues surrounding gene editing and human embryos

  • Houses of parliament
    11 December 20184.2 min read

    Evidence is a vital part of policy-making - but it's by no means the only part. We look at how scientists can get involved and make a difference.

  • 6 December 20186.7 min read

    Our Policy Lead, Sarion Bowers, explores the extraordinary claims that the world’s first genome edited babies have been born.

  • Human Embryo Editing: science fiction or science fact?
    29 November 20184.7 min read

    Anna Middleton, Head of the Society and Ethics research group at Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science, reports on Prof He Jiankiu's unverified announcement of gene editing the first human embryos that have been born