Influencing Policy

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    17 January 2019

    Sarion Bowers, Policy Lead at the Sanger Institute, reflects on how Brexit will affect science.

  • 20 December 20188.6 min read

    Hayley Clissold from the Sanger Institute's policy team team explores the issues surrounding gene editing and human embryos

  • 3 August 20174.1 min read

    03.08.17 This week the American Society of Human Genetics issued a policy on the application of germline editing – the ability to alter the genetic makeup of early stage embryos. Anna Middleton, one of the contributors to the statement, explains the policy's position

  • 3 July 20174.4 min read

    04.07.17 The UK Chief Medical Officer's Report has highlighted the vital role genetics and genomics will play in UK NHS healthcare and medicine. Professor Sharon Peacock helped write the report's chapter on Infectious disease.

  • 24 May 20164.5 min read

    25.05.16 Personalised medicine is the promise of genomic research, but to make it a reality will take a community of researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, policy makers and patients, Sarion Bowers explains

  • 16 March 20166.4 min read

    Editing the genome is a grand endeavour. Discussions on the aims and regulation of genome editing need to reflect the opinion of both scientists and the public. Sarion Bowers explains.

  • 14 March 20164.7 min read

    Anna Middleton explains how bringing together an Advertising Executive, a Genetic Counsellor and the power of Internet Videos is tackling the issues of Gnomes in the Genome

  • 1 July 20154.3 min read

    Former EBI Director Janet Thornton talks to Saher Ahmed about life and science - and finding a balance between the two