Mosaic’s becoming

2023-09-11T16:06:43+01:0012 September 2023|

The Sanger Institute is committed to innovative science at scale, but we need partners and investors to transfer this science into the clinic. Mariya Chhatriwala, Business Development Manager, gives us her insights on how the Sanger Institute’s fifth spin-out company came to be.

What is a gene?

2023-08-10T12:08:28+01:0010 August 2023|

A gene is a string of DNA letters that encode a protein - the building blocks of our cells and bodies. One gene encodes one protein. Simple, right? But scratch the surface into the molecular details and it soon gets complicated. Ongoing research, including work by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, is unpacking some of this complexity across diverse organisms - and viruses - and helping to reshape what we mean by a “gene”.

Building an atlas of gene variants to understand health and disease

2023-08-07T15:12:11+01:007 August 2023|

Mutational scanning technologies are revolutionising the way we understand human genetic variation. A symposium in July brought together researchers from over 50 countries to explore the possibilities of this incipient genomic method, and how it can benefit clinicians and patients.

Lee group complete move to Dundee

2023-07-26T16:56:41+01:0026 July 2023|

At the end of July 2023, Dr Marcus Lee and his research group will finalise the move of their Malaria Parasite Drug Resistance programme to the University of Dundee, where he is now Professor of Parasite Molecular Genetics.

Bonailie n farewell to the Berriman group

2023-07-26T11:20:38+01:0026 July 2023|

Nearly twenty three years after first joining the Wellcome Sanger Institute, at the end of July Dr Matt Berriman will complete the move of his research to the University of Glasgow, where he is now Professor of Parasitology.

Prime Editing

2023-07-18T15:29:13+01:0017 July 2023|

Prime editing is the latest technique that enables scientists to alter the DNA of a living cell. It builds on CRISPR-Cas9 technology, and offers the potential to edit human cells to treat genetic diseases.

Meet Alistair Miles – Malaria Vector Surveillance Lead

2023-06-26T15:10:02+01:0020 June 2023|

With a decade of experience turning mosquitoes into genomic data, Alistair Miles is a pillar of the community of entomologists and analysts that keep track of the evolutionary twists and turns of malaria mosquitoes