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The Beast from the East? Vespa velutina

Words and pictures by: Alex Cagan Date: 17.09.18 Prelude: Death from above Today, you are a honeybee and today you are going to die. You enjoyed a summer full of industry, dance and frenetic activity […]

The golden eagle genome has landed

The golden eagle genome is the first sequence completed as part of the 25 Genomes Project. Kat Arney talks to Rob Ogden about how this will help conservationists protect and manage these fabulous birds.

A trusty guide for exploring the complexity of cells

Single cell RNA sequencing data can be used to identify cell types. Martin Hemberg and Vladimir Kiselev explain how their new scmap method can help the Human Cell Atlas initiative by analysing this data.

New computational method reveals where genes are expressed

06.04.18 Valentine Svensson explains how the new computational method SpacialDE interprets single-cell data to identify which genes are switched on in different locations, allowing researchers to zoom into the structures of tissues.

Sequencing a superbug: How typhoid became extensively drug-resistant

20.02.18 Gordon Dougan and Elizabeth Klemm report how their laboratory has been sequencing the DNA of Salmonella Typhi strains that infect people around the world, and we have found evidence for an accelerating evolution of resistance to antibiotics

About spiders (specifically the Fen Raft spider, Dolomedes plantarius) and where to get them from.

Getting a hold of samples… [part 2]

Dan Mead continues his hunt to collect all 25 species to sequence…

Getting a hold of some samples… for the 25 Genomes Project

Getting a hold of some samples…

Sequencing new species is hard enough, but finding out where you can get a sample to work with can be even harder, Dan Mead discovers