Personalised medicine – how to stand out in a crowd

2016-05-24T15:15:05+01:0024 May 2016|

25.05.16 Personalised medicine is the promise of genomic research, but to make it a reality will take a community of researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, policy makers and patients, Sarion Bowers explains

Editing the Debate

2016-03-16T16:56:43+00:0016 March 2016|

Editing the genome is a grand endeavour. Discussions on the aims and regulation of genome editing need to reflect the opinion of both scientists and the public. Sarion Bowers explains.

Socialising the Genome

2016-03-14T16:02:49+00:0014 March 2016|

Anna Middleton explains how bringing together an Advertising Executive, a Genetic Counsellor and the power of Internet Videos is tackling the issues of Gnomes in the Genome

“Being a scientist is fantastic”

2015-07-01T09:39:04+01:001 July 2015|

Former EBI Director Janet Thornton talks to Saher Ahmed about life and science - and finding a balance between the two

It’s all about reproducibility

2015-05-27T11:12:38+01:0027 May 2015|

To check results, experiments need to be repeated. In animal research, this hasn’t been easy but, as Natasha Karp explains, new guidelines will ensure detailed methods are shared

Being part of the herd saves lives

2015-04-13T11:12:36+01:0013 April 2015|

13.04.15 Stopping the leading cause of child death starts with you. Rebecca Gladstone explains how widespread vaccination protects the vulnerable