How do you sequence over 240,000 whole human genomes?

2022-09-29T10:48:57+01:0026 September 2022|

The world’s largest human genome sequencing project has been for UK Biobank – a large-scale biomedical database. Sanger staff have sequenced 243,633 human genomes in 3.5 years.

Our UK Biobank Journey: 3 years and over 240,000 human genomes

2022-10-19T09:27:20+01:0026 September 2022|

In 2019, the Sanger Institute started on the most ambitious human genome sequencing project in the world. Three years later, the Institute has delivered nearly 250,000 whole human genome sequences and over 20 petabytes (PB) of data, for the UK Biobank project, to aid research into health and disease.

Sanger’s super-sized sequencing scales new heights

2022-12-17T21:46:09+00:001 May 2019|

We're celebrating: we've just read the same amount of DNA in one year as we achieved in the previous 25 years combined. This dizzying speed offers unprecedented possibilities to unlock new understanding in health and disease