Accidental Entrepreneur

2023-05-18T10:09:10+01:0023 March 2023|

In this third part of our innovator blog series, we spoke to Matt Hurles, Head of the Human Genetics programme and incoming Director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Matt defines himself as an accidental entrepreneur, even though he spearheads a number of innovative initiatives that showcase his motivation to ultimately bring benefits to patients.

A passion for problem solving

2023-02-23T14:02:51+00:009 February 2023|

As part of our innovator blog series, we spoke to Qianxin Wu who works jointly in our Cellular Genetics programme and our Cellular and Gene Editing R&D team. Qianxin is at the forefront of innovation, working on CRISPR, genome editing and single-cell technologies.

From bench to bedside

2015-03-18T10:55:24+00:0018 March 2015|

18.03.15 Some scientific discoveries become life-changing technologies while others never make it to the clinic. Sarion Bowers introduces an initiative aimed at ensuring progress benefits patients