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Heart, human, diagram. Caption: Wellcome Images

A breath of fresh air for oxygen-starved tissue

22.06.15 Artificial membrane could transform the way we treat heart disease, says Rameen Shakur

Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Answering age-old questions

09.03.15 Why do we age? What’s happening to us at a cellular level? While exploring competing theories, Tamir Chandra and Philip Ewels stumbled on some possible answers

Do stem cells have memory?

14.08.14 Some stem cells may recall their origins. Daniel Gaffney and Foad Rouhani explain how genetic variation complicates the picture

Colin Barker and his Colinator Colony Picking Robot

Colin’s Colony Collecting “Colinator” minimises mindless monotony

A new robot created at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute will spare the hands, eyes and minds of researchers from RSI, strain and monotony respectively