LGBTQIA+ people in STEM 2023

2023-11-30T08:08:53+00:0030 November 2023|

International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM celebrates the work of LGBTQIA+ people in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

From somatic mutations to Quotient

2023-12-04T15:48:22+00:0021 November 2023|

We spoke to Dr Iñigo Martincorena, group leader at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and academic co-founder of Quotient Therapeutics. Quotient is a new company leveraging Sanger Institute research to innovate the way drugs are discovered.

Trailblazing Genomics

2023-10-11T15:12:57+01:0011 October 2023|

As a top UK innovator, the Sanger Institute’s work is foundational to many. We enable partners to apply our science and advance it to develop products, services and therapeutics - solving real-world problems

Mosaic’s becoming

2023-09-11T16:06:43+01:0012 September 2023|

The Sanger Institute is committed to innovative science at scale, but we need partners and investors to transfer this science into the clinic. Mariya Chhatriwala, Business Development Manager, gives us her insights on how the Sanger Institute’s fifth spin-out company came to be.

Behind the Heart Cell Atlas

2023-07-14T22:55:48+01:0012 July 2023|

Histologists, cardiologists, immunologists, cell biologists, software developers, bioinformaticians and specialist technicians have worked together to see individual cells in unprecedented detail. Using spatial genomics, they located each cell to its precise location in the heart.

New postdoc award scheme winners

2023-02-21T12:16:24+00:0021 February 2023|

Meet the first two winners of our new internal funding scheme to accelerate postdocs along their career trajectory

To influenza and beyond

2023-01-12T12:11:55+00:0010 January 2023|

The Sanger Institute’s new Respiratory Virus and Microbiome Initiative will lead the way in developing the genomic tools and methodology to study and track a range of viruses and understand how they interact with the respiratory microbiome and human hosts.