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Getting to know you

17.12.14 Your genome can tell you a great deal about your future health but, asks Anna Middleton, how much should researchers be required to tell you?

Sanger Institute discussed the value of EU funding with local MEP Vicky Ford

19 Jul 2012: Institute researchers and administrators met with Vicky Ford MEP to influence the shape of future EU funding of research projects

Colin Barker and his Colinator Colony Picking Robot

Colin’s Colony Collecting “Colinator” minimises mindless monotony

A new robot created at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute will spare the hands, eyes and minds of researchers from RSI, strain and monotony respectively

Four Institute researchers have made it to Reuters most influential list

Four of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute researchers been cited by Thomson Reuters as being among the top 15 most influential scientific researchers of 2011. Professor Mike Stratton, Dr Andy Futreal, Dr Peter Campbell and Dr Panos Deloukas, according to citations tracked during 2011, recorded some of the highest numbers of “Hot Papers” published over the preceding two years.