You have to be in it, to win it – association with Horizon Europe

2022-09-29T16:28:11+01:003 October 2022|

Science is not a zero sum game. We all win when we work together and the Horizon Europe programme is a fantastic opportunity that brings researchers across Europe to grow their skils and solve many of our most pressing issues. Falling out of this community will damage the UK’s science for many years to come, argues Sarion Bowers, Head of Policy at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Developing a view on Brexit

2022-09-29T12:54:38+01:0017 January 2019|

Sarion Bowers, Policy Lead at the Sanger Institute, reflects on how Brexit will affect science.

Science as a human right

2018-11-09T08:00:43+00:009 November 2018|

The idea that we should benefit from scientific advancement is something we may never have thought of as human right, yet the Universal Declaration of Human Rights firmly makes the case that it is everyone's right, regardless of education, wealth or background, explains Sarion Bowers

Personalised medicine – how to stand out in a crowd

2016-05-24T15:15:05+01:0024 May 2016|

25.05.16 Personalised medicine is the promise of genomic research, but to make it a reality will take a community of researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, policy makers and patients, Sarion Bowers explains

Editing the Debate

2016-03-16T16:56:43+00:0016 March 2016|

Editing the genome is a grand endeavour. Discussions on the aims and regulation of genome editing need to reflect the opinion of both scientists and the public. Sarion Bowers explains.