Malaria Cell Atlas: mapping a murderous parasite’s life cycle

2023-08-10T16:40:10+01:0022 August 2019|

Malaria - and the parasite that causes it - is complicated. Not only does the single-celled parasite move between humans and mosquitoes, but it exists in different forms, each with different shapes and functions. Researchers have now mapped out its life cycle in more detail than ever before.

Vaccines: Life savers against infectious diseases

2023-05-03T12:12:37+01:002 August 2019|

Smallpox has been stamped out and various other diseases are declining, thanks to vaccination. But not all diseases have vaccines yet – can genomics help speed up the search?

Stealth and sabotage

2015-07-15T08:01:25+01:0015 July 2015|

15.07.15 Abigail Perrin explains how malaria parasites trick our immune system