A defining moment for cholera control

2023-07-04T22:48:19+01:0019 April 2023|

Using genomics to identify the exact strains of bacteria responsible for cholera outbreaks has overturned centuries of thought about the very nature of the disease. Integrating genomics into cholera surveillance efforts will be vital to track and ultimately end the current pandemic, as well as reduce the threat of future ones.

To influenza and beyond

2023-01-12T12:11:55+00:0010 January 2023|

The Sanger Institute’s new Respiratory Virus and Microbiome Initiative will lead the way in developing the genomic tools and methodology to study and track a range of viruses and understand how they interact with the respiratory microbiome and human hosts.

Puzzles and Parasites

2021-10-11T11:03:46+01:0027 April 2020|

Dr Stephen Doyle, in the Sanger Institute’s Parasites and Microbes Programme, has just been awarded a new UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to use genomic approaches at population to single cell resolution to understand how H. contortus evolves in response to drug treatments.

Malaria Cell Atlas: mapping a murderous parasite’s life cycle

2023-08-10T16:40:10+01:0022 August 2019|

Malaria - and the parasite that causes it - is complicated. Not only does the single-celled parasite move between humans and mosquitoes, but it exists in different forms, each with different shapes and functions. Researchers have now mapped out its life cycle in more detail than ever before.