CRAM-ming it in

2019-03-29T10:19:49+00:0029 March 2019|

An impending flood of genomic data threatens to overwhelm scientists' abilities to store and share it. Next-generation compression seeks to CRAM it all in

Open season in science

2014-11-03T11:17:18+00:003 November 2014|

03.11.14 Research has become more publicly available than ever before. Sarion Bowers explores the benefits and dangers of open access

Fourth Institute bioinformatician wins open access award

2012-06-18T09:49:14+01:0018 June 2012|

A fourth Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute alumnus – Heng Li – has won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Open Access in the Life Sciences. Remarkably the Institute has trained and developed more than one third of this award's winners and, even more remarkably, all four winners have been trained in Richard Durbin’s research group