Scientific Evidence in Policy Making

2018-12-11T15:35:35+00:0011 December 2018|

Evidence is a vital part of policy-making - but it's by no means the only part. We look at how scientists can get involved and make a difference.

Human Embryo Editing: science fiction or science fact?

2018-11-29T15:35:59+00:0029 November 2018|

Anna Middleton, Head of the Society and Ethics research group at Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science, reports on Prof He Jiankiu's unverified announcement of gene editing the first human embryos that have been born

Science as a human right

2018-11-09T08:00:43+00:009 November 2018|

The idea that we should benefit from scientific advancement is something we may never have thought of as human right, yet the Universal Declaration of Human Rights firmly makes the case that it is everyone's right, regardless of education, wealth or background, explains Sarion Bowers

25 years of pushing the scientific boundaries

2018-10-01T08:00:30+01:001 October 2018|

From one human genome to hundreds of thousands, to every single cell in the body, to the genome of every species on the planet – DNA sequencing is accelerating. On our 25th anniversary we look at the evolution, application and potential of this powerful science.