The diversity of plants

2022-02-15T16:21:51+00:0016 February 2022|

We spoke to some of the team planning to sequence the DNA of every plant species in Britain and Ireland about the diversity of plant genomes and the importance of plant science in the face of global challenges.

International Day of Women & Girls in Science 2022

2022-02-10T14:05:57+00:0011 February 2022|

To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated annually on 11 February, we asked some of our female staff to tell us about their work, and what being a woman in science means to them.

Women rising in STEM

2022-12-13T09:50:41+00:0011 February 2022|

To celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science, we sat down with Sanger Associate Director, Dr Julia Wilson to talk about her career so far and being a woman in science.

Glass: The Poetry of Science

2021-10-13T14:41:43+01:0021 March 2019|

Dr Kate Carruthers Thomas explores gender in the workplace through the poetry of the Glass Ceiling, Glass Escalator, Glass Cliff and Glass Closet

“Being a scientist is fantastic”

2015-07-01T09:39:04+01:001 July 2015|

Former EBI Director Janet Thornton talks to Saher Ahmed about life and science - and finding a balance between the two