Prime Editing

2023-07-18T15:29:13+01:0017 July 2023|

Prime editing is the latest technique that enables scientists to alter the DNA of a living cell. It builds on CRISPR-Cas9 technology, and offers the potential to edit human cells to treat genetic diseases.

A lasting legacy

2022-12-13T11:15:15+00:0016 August 2019|

Meet the next generation of genomic scientists who are benefiting from our founder's generosity

Cracking cancer with CRISPR

2022-12-17T21:33:43+00:0010 April 2019|

How Sanger scientists are using genetic surgery to understand the blueprint of life

Human Embryo Editing: science fiction or science fact?

2018-11-29T15:35:59+00:0029 November 2018|

Anna Middleton, Head of the Society and Ethics research group at Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science, reports on Prof He Jiankiu's unverified announcement of gene editing the first human embryos that have been born