A Space for Science

2022-12-17T08:57:54+00:0022 November 2021|

"The most incredible things in research are the incidental findings, the serendipitous connections, moments when you are looking for one thing but you find another.”

From Mild to Mortal

2021-11-05T11:12:02+00:009 August 2021|

An expert panel discuss some of the latest research into human genetics, immunology and COVID-19.

Car manufacturing, cellular biology and COVID

2021-10-15T08:58:10+01:0018 May 2021|

Rachel Nelson, head of the Cellular Generation and Phenotyping (CGaP) facility, reflects on managing science at scale, including the lessons from industries as far apart as car manufacturing and Silicon Valley.

Championing Team Science

2021-10-10T10:15:52+01:0030 April 2021|

Professor Muzlifah Haniffa shares her thoughts achieving large-scale science.