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Turning DREAM into reality

21.01.16 David Wedge reports the launch of a new DREAM Challenge that aims to identify the different cells that make up a cancer

Breast cancer cell. Credit: Anne Weston, Wellcome Images

Immunotherapy: the latest way to treat cancer

Yong Yu talks about his research in immunotherapy, an emerging cancer treatment that exploits the biology of innate lymphoid cells

Following cancer’s journey

01.04.15 How do tumours move between organs? Are they competing when they spread or do they work cooperatively? David Wedge looks for answers in a new prostate cancer study

Cluster of prostate cancer cells. Credit: Anne Weston, IRI, CRUK, Wellcome Images.

Is the playing field level in prostate cancer?

01.04.15 Between competing prostate tumours there are often areas of normal tissue. David Wedge asks whether these healthy cells are actually creating a field effect that facilitates cancer’s spread

How can we see our immune system?

19.01.15 By sequencing individual immune cells, scientists can now look at the way our bodies respond to infection and disease. Rachael Bashford-Rogers explains what this new viewpoint could show us

A molecular archaeologist’s toolkit

14.01.15 Like archaeologists, cancer researchers piece together the shards of past catastrophe. However, as Moritz Gerstung explains, algorithms, not brushes, are the tools of the trade

Targeting skin cancers

26.11.14 Many melanomas don’t respond to existing drugs and most eventually become resistant to treatment. Marco Ranzani explains how researchers are searching for new therapies