One childhood cancer, one thousand children: landmark genomic study delivers first discoveries

2023-09-26T11:40:57+01:0025 September 2023|

Tumours from 1000 children with kidney cancer have been sequenced, thanks to the Little Princess Trust and researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. The Little Princess Trust ‘Knowledge Bank’ is the largest comprehensive genomics resource for any childhood solid tumour, and is already being used for research to understand childhood cancers.

Mosaic’s becoming

2023-09-11T16:06:43+01:0012 September 2023|

The Sanger Institute is committed to innovative science at scale, but we need partners and investors to transfer this science into the clinic. Mariya Chhatriwala, Business Development Manager, gives us her insights on how the Sanger Institute’s fifth spin-out company came to be.

Spinning out the science

2021-12-05T10:22:05+00:002 December 2021|

Much of our research has the potential to positively impact people's lives around the world. And who better to deliver this than the scientists themselves?

Hunting for the unknown causes of cancer

2021-11-22T09:42:00+00:0025 October 2021|

Patient advocates share their involvement in the mutographs research project, their experiences of cancer, and their journey around the globe.