Sanger Life

  • 18 November 2022

    What it means to be asexual, misconceptions and queer joy in the science communication space.

  • 31 October 20224.4 min read

    Sasha Henriques explores some of issues around race and representation in genomics and genomic counselling.

  • 12 July 20226 min read

    Meet Thomas Oliver, trainee pathologist and PhD student, working on the origins of childhood cancers.

  • 29 June 20227.8 min read

    Science thrives on diversity. Diversity of opinions, upbringing, experiences, and lifestyles, brings about innovation. It is imperative that everyone feels safe and comfortable to be their true selves at work, as that is how the best work is achieved.

  • 20 June 20226.1 min read

    Two new projects, Science for Everyone and Adopt a Scientist, aim to challenge unconscious bias around science and science careers.

  • 27 April 202211.1 min read

    In conversation with Julia Gillard, who has recently joined Wellcome as Chair of the Board. Wellcome aim to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone.

  • 22 April 20224.3 min read

    Meet Laura Grout, a Quality Assurance Manager playing a vital role in genomic surveillance and UK Biobank projects at the Sanger Institute.

  • 28 March 20225.3 min read

    Meet Leia Zhao, a research assistant working in the Evolutionary Genomics group in the Tree of Life Programme.