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Dr Cordelia Langford wins BioBeat award

Dr Cordelia Langford wins BioBeat award

The ‘50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2018’ report identifies outstanding women who are developing revolutionary bioscience. Dr Cordelia Langford, Director of Scientific Operations at the Wellcome Sanger Institute is celebrated in the collaboration category. Ahead of the BioBeat 2018 conference, we spoke to Cordelia about her career and her role as a leading woman in science

25 Genomes: The Common Starfish. Image credit: Ray Crundwell

25 Genomes: The Common Starfish

The Starfish genome could offer new approaches to wound healing and into surgical glue, if only we can get enough sperm, Alison Cranage discovers

10 surprises from sequencing 25 new species

10 surprises from sequencing 25 new species

From exploding worms to cannibal crickets and adored arachnids to bewildering blackberries, Alison Cranage picks out the more bizarre discoveries we’ve made

25 years of pushing the scientific boundaries

From one human genome to hundreds of thousands, to every single cell in the body, to the genome of every species on the planet – DNA sequencing is accelerating. On our 25th anniversary we look at the evolution, application and potential of this powerful science.

25 Genomes at New Scientist Live

Alongside robots, slime and VR machines, Sanger researchers were at New Scientist Live last week – talking genomes, Alison Cranage reports

The Beast from the East? Vespa velutina

Words and pictures by: Alex Cagan Date: 17.09.18 Prelude: Death from above Today, you are a honeybee and today you are going to die. You enjoyed a summer full of industry, dance and frenetic activity […]

A cautionary tale about blackberries…[1/2]

Finding a blackberry bush was as easy a pie, but then Dan discovered that there are 300 different species… and even experts struggle to tell the difference