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Living and working at the Sanger Institute

Alzheimer’s Disease: The puzzle we’re so desperate to solve

13.11.17 Fiona Calvert is using stem cells to study Alzheimer’s Disease. Read her shortlisted article for the Max Perutz Science Writing Competition about this work.

In search of the hidden reservoir of Malaria

20.12.16 Arthur Talman explains how his field work in Mali could help understand the behaviour of malaria parasites.

Human intestinal microvilli. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Great balls of cells: Using intestinal organoids to study Salmonella

10.09.15 It is difficult to study Salmonella infections in the body. Jessica Forbester explains how newly created balls of intestinal cells can help.

A world without smell

02.04.15 Fresh bread, your newborn baby, a gas leak; Darren Logan imagines life without these smells and explains his work to understand the genetics of anosmia

The home of genetic sequencing

05.03.15 Fred Sanger, who unlocked life’s code, will be honoured at a ceremony this weekend. Anita Sedgewick explains how he and world-changing biologists like him are being remembered.

Battling bacteria: this time it’s personal

24.11.14 Claire Chewapreecha’s research into the genetics of deadly bacteria is motivated by her commitment to improve public health at home in Thailand

Don’t miss your chance to be the expert for your own story. Credit: Shutterstock, dny3d

Science and the media – allies or enemies?

05.11.14 Meeting science journalists and hearing from researchers about their media work has encouraged Rebecca Gladstone to stand up for science