Research Excellence: The Power of Diversity

2022-01-10T10:00:42+00:008 December 2021|

The Sanger Institute recently hosted three speakers as part of a new series - Research Excellence: The Power of Diversity. Read a short summary of the talks and view a Q&A with the speakers.

A Health Data Research UK Black Internship Programme experience

2021-11-22T09:31:21+00:0022 October 2021|

This Black History Month, we asked Ifeanyi Chukwu to reflect on his recent experiences as an intern within HDR UK’s Black Internship Programme at the University of Cambridge, and what it was like working with one of the world’s biggest health data sets.

Talent in Diversity

2021-11-10T17:50:50+00:0011 October 2021|

Over this year's Black History Month, we are celebrating the diversity of talent here at the Sanger Institute. For this profile, we spoke to Alice Matimba, Global Training Manager at Wellcome Connecting Science.

Talent in Diversity

2021-11-10T17:54:50+00:001 October 2021|

Over this year’s Black History Month, we are celebrating the diversity of talent here at the Sanger Institute. Here, three of our scientists reflect on their paths into research and why diversity in science is so important.

Celebrating Sanger Postdocs

2021-10-10T07:45:29+01:0020 September 2021|

This week (20th-24th September) is Postdoc Appreciation Week - a time to celebrate the fantastic contribution postdoctoral scientists make.

Defining Success

2021-10-15T08:48:02+01:0023 August 2021|

Five inspirational speakers share their journeys, definitions of success, and lessons learnt in the space of diversity and inclusion.

Car manufacturing, cellular biology and COVID

2021-10-15T08:58:10+01:0018 May 2021|

Rachel Nelson, head of the Cellular Generation and Phenotyping (CGaP) facility, reflects on managing science at scale, including the lessons from industries as far apart as car manufacturing and Silicon Valley.