Springtails, fly testes and the secrets of strange reproduction

2022-11-30T10:34:27+00:0030 November 2022|

Dr Kamil Jaron is interested in strange reproduction (in a genomic sense). His work is exploring the changes in DNA variation and chromosome structure caused by the different ways species reproduce, to see how this drives evolution.

Butterflies, peacock spiders, and rapid speciation

2022-12-17T09:09:22+00:007 September 2022|

Dr Joana Meier, new group leader in the Tree of Life programme, describes her research into how and why groups of animals evolve and diversify into new species over millennia.

Super-speed Salmonella evolution

2016-01-28T13:19:20+00:0028 January 2016|

28/01/2016: Thousands of years’ worth of evolution in just one person: Elizabeth Klemm explains how a Salmonella Enteritidis infection evolved to survive for 15 years in an immunocompromised patient.

How do animals become domesticated?

2014-09-08T14:36:53+01:008 September 2014|

08.09.14 Rabbits provide an excellent model for studying the genetics of domestication. Bronwen Aken explains how changes in their genomes explain shifts in behaviour