A barcoding buzz

2023-06-21T16:05:47+01:0021 June 2023|

Sanger researchers are involved in large-scale projects that aim to revolutionise how we monitor and understand global biodiversity – starting with insects. But some of their work is starting closer to home, working with schools and local communities to monitor insect biodiversity across Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Darwin Tree of Life in 2021: Tireless fieldwork and the first beautiful genomes

2021-12-16T10:03:01+00:0016 December 2021|

Teams have been collecting species across the UK - from the mountains of Scotland, to the sea caves of Wales, and the forests of Oxfordshire. Back in the labs we’ve been processing protists, extracting DNA, and assembling and publishing the first of our high-quality, reference genomes.

Sequencing and the Tree of Life

2021-11-13T22:48:50+00:0015 February 2020|

Progress and promise of the Earth Biogenome Project - a mission to sequence all known eukaryotic species.