Finishing genome puzzles

2022-08-10T14:58:13+01:009 August 2022|

Explore the skilful art of interpreting genome sequence data - from the human genome project to all species.

Unlocking surface proteins

2022-08-03T15:30:44+01:003 August 2022|

A decades-long interest in cell surface proteins has led to discoveries as diverse as how malaria parasites invade human blood cells, a vaccine target for a neglected tropical disease, and finding the molecules that must interact to initiate new life.

Vaccines: Life savers against infectious diseases

2023-05-03T12:12:37+01:002 August 2019|

Smallpox has been stamped out and various other diseases are declining, thanks to vaccination. But not all diseases have vaccines yet – can genomics help speed up the search?

Tracking a deadly shapeshifter

2021-10-11T18:20:14+01:0012 June 2019|

A global child killer constantly changes its coat to evade destruction, but a worldwide network of scientists is using genetics to get one step ahead.