Racism, medicine and why we need to decolonise healthcare

2023-11-23T11:58:24+00:0023 November 2023|

In October, Dr Annabel Sowemimo joined us on the Wellcome Genome Campus to speak about her work exploring the ways that racism and colonial thinking are embedded within medicine, science and institutions – and the difficulties of untangling it.

Research Excellence: The Power of Diversity

2022-01-10T10:00:42+00:008 December 2021|

The Sanger Institute recently hosted three speakers as part of a new series - Research Excellence: The Power of Diversity. Read a short summary of the talks and view a Q&A with the speakers.

Genomics for all

2021-11-15T13:37:44+00:0028 September 2021|

In this guest post, Sadye Paez and Marcela Uliano-Silva explore what it takes to sequence the genomes of all life on Earth with the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion in Science

2021-10-10T10:14:17+01:004 May 2021|

The Equality in Science group and the Race Equity Network at the Wellcome Genome Campus welcomed inspirational speakers last year. Read their reflections on racism, diversity and inclusion in science.

Disability, Inclusion and Science

2019-01-14T16:48:29+00:0014 January 2019|

Distinguished disability rights campaigner, David Ruebain, joined us last month at the Wellcome Genome Campus. He spoke on disability and inclusion in science, as part of the campus Equality in Science event series.