Bonailie n farewell to the Berriman group

2023-07-26T11:20:38+01:0026 July 2023|

Nearly twenty three years after first joining the Wellcome Sanger Institute, at the end of July Dr Matt Berriman will complete the move of his research to the University of Glasgow, where he is now Professor of Parasitology.

Attending to tropical disease

2023-01-30T07:53:59+00:0030 January 2023|

The potential of genomics to improve our understanding of the fundamental biology of neglected tropical diseases.

A Day in the Life: Bioinformatician – collaboration, cancer and all life on Earth

2022-12-10T08:56:15+00:008 March 2019|

Understanding the nature of life on Earth has been revolutionised by DNA sequencing. In the past we could only observe what was happening, now we can read (and alter) the blueprints of life to understand health and disease at the most intimate level. Yet none of this would be possible without the unsung work of bioinformaticians