Genomics in the cloud

2023-08-11T12:14:18+01:005 February 2020|

The huge, international Pan-Cancer project is the first large-scale use of distributed cloud computing in genomics. As genomics becomes a big data science, it is likely to be the first of many

We’ve got the power

2021-10-11T18:29:23+01:0028 May 2019|

Running one of the largest biosciences data centres in Europe as efficiently as possible requires cool heads and even cooler machines

CRAM-ming it in

2019-03-29T10:19:49+00:0029 March 2019|

An impending flood of genomic data threatens to overwhelm scientists' abilities to store and share it. Next-generation compression seeks to CRAM it all in

Getting smart about artificial intelligence

2019-03-04T12:13:01+00:004 March 2019|

Sanger researchers are harnessing the power of AI to extract new knowledge from the ever increasing flood of genomic data. The findings could transform medicine and biological understanding.

25 Genomes: The Common Starfish

2018-10-04T15:22:48+01:004 October 2018|

The Starfish genome could offer new approaches to wound healing and into surgical glue, if only we can get enough sperm.

10 surprises from sequencing 25 new species

2018-10-04T14:56:59+01:004 October 2018|

From exploding worms to cannibal crickets and adored arachnids to bewildering blackberries, Alison Cranage picks out the more bizarre discoveries we've made