Genomics in the cloud

2023-08-11T12:14:18+01:005 February 2020|

The huge, international Pan-Cancer project is the first large-scale use of distributed cloud computing in genomics. As genomics becomes a big data science, it is likely to be the first of many

Best of both worlds

2022-12-17T22:00:41+00:0025 November 2019|

A degree apprenticeship offers the opportunity to earn whilst studying.

Sanger’s super-sized sequencing scales new heights

2022-12-17T21:46:09+00:001 May 2019|

We're celebrating: we've just read the same amount of DNA in one year as we achieved in the previous 25 years combined. This dizzying speed offers unprecedented possibilities to unlock new understanding in health and disease

A Day in the Life: Bioinformatician – collaboration, cancer and all life on Earth

2022-12-10T08:56:15+00:008 March 2019|

Understanding the nature of life on Earth has been revolutionised by DNA sequencing. In the past we could only observe what was happening, now we can read (and alter) the blueprints of life to understand health and disease at the most intimate level. Yet none of this would be possible without the unsung work of bioinformaticians

Helping computers to read symptoms

2015-04-15T08:16:31+01:0015 April 2015|

15.04.15 Big data can help us find the causes of rare diseases. But, says Anika Oellrich, computers must first understand the many ways we describe symptoms