Genomics in the cloud

2023-08-11T12:14:18+01:005 February 2020|

The huge, international Pan-Cancer project is the first large-scale use of distributed cloud computing in genomics. As genomics becomes a big data science, it is likely to be the first of many

Can sharing your personal data protect your freedom?

2015-01-28T09:53:50+00:0028 January 2015|

28.01.15 Proposed EU limits on data use will limit genetic research, which relies on enormous data sets. Does preventing the sharing of personal data for research really serve the public’s interest, asks Sarion Bowers

Using big data to understand small data

2014-05-30T09:25:03+01:0030 May 2014|

30.05.14 Looking at patterns in vast datasets is helping researchers to pick out individual genes involved in cancer development and disregard misleading errors, explains Alistair Rust