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25 Genomes Project update

25 Genomes update. Yes, it’s been a while …

More than half of the species’ genomes have now been sequenced and assembled. But starfish, flatworms and truffles are a different matter, Dan Mead discovers

Job satisfaction: helping flatworms to chill out

On Job Satisfaction

Dan Mead is a happy man, here’s why …

Roesel's Bush Cricket: The trouble with crickets and their ever increasing genomes... Image: Richard Bartz, Wikimedia Commons

The trouble with Crickets

Crickets’ genomes are tricky things, just when you think you know how big they are, they just get a whole lot bigger

A cautionary tale about blackberries [2/2]

Dan Mead discovers that conferences can be a great way to build fruitful research collaborations…

A cautionary tale about blackberries…[1/2]

Finding a blackberry bush was as easy a pie, but then Dan discovered that there are 300 different species… and even experts struggle to tell the difference

About spiders (specifically the Fen Raft spider, Dolomedes plantarius) and where to get them from.

Getting a hold of samples… [part 2]

Dan Mead continues his hunt to collect all 25 species to sequence…

Getting a hold of some samples… for the 25 Genomes Project

Getting a hold of some samples…

Sequencing new species is hard enough, but finding out where you can get a sample to work with can be even harder, Dan Mead discovers