• 22 November 2021

    "The most incredible things in research are the incidental findings, the serendipitous connections, moments when you are looking for one thing but you find another.”

  • 15 November 20215 min read

    Researchers discuss COVID-19 genome data and its complexities, data sharing and security, and their careers in data science

  • 19 August 20208 min read

    The Sanger Institute is built for high-throughput science – but the project to sequence coronavirus demanded more samples were handled more quickly than ever before.

  • 16 July 20204.4 min read

    Sushmita Sridhar has paused her work on a gastroenteritis-causing bacterium to help diagnose the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • 1 June 20208.6 min read

    Sanger scientists speak about their new roles in sequencing SARS-CoV-2 genomes.

  • 21 April 20206.2 min read

    Staff at the Sanger Institute have joined the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.