Laboratory Mouse

Handle with care: animal husbandry’s virtuous circle

3 Sept 2012: Jacqui White, from the Institute’s Mouse Genetics team, describes how our researchers are committed to treating their animals in the most humane, caring and sensitive way possible …

Bald man with hairbrush

Genetic clues to ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow’ found

29 Aug 2012: Stavroula Kanoni, a researcher in Human Genetics, describes the hunt for genes associated with male pattern baldness

Seq and ye shall find…

25 Jul 2012: Malaria researcher, Lia Chappell, spreads the word on how choosing the right approach can make your experiments using RNA-seq much more successful

Knowing zebrafish, knowing you – understanding zebrafish genomes, unlocking human health

30 Jul 2012: Understanding how the zebrafish genome works allows us to understand human health and disease

Sanger Institute discussed the value of EU funding with local MEP Vicky Ford

19 Jul 2012: Institute researchers and administrators met with Vicky Ford MEP to influence the shape of future EU funding of research projects

Colin Barker and his Colinator Colony Picking Robot

Colin’s Colony Collecting “Colinator” minimises mindless monotony

A new robot created at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute will spare the hands, eyes and minds of researchers from RSI, strain and monotony respectively

Sanger Institute Scientist receives the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators

Dr Elizabeth Murchison has been given the award for her ongoing research into the deadly transmissible facial cancer that is spreading among Tasmanian devils and threatening the survival of the species