Month: July 2017

Placing drug-resistant strains of E. coli into a broader context

18.7.17 Samples of E. coli were isolated from patients with bloodstream infections over eleven years. Teemu Kallonen, Julian Parkhill and Sharon Peacock discuss what their genomic study on this collection reveals.

Malaria parasites: more susceptible to a knock-out blow than we thought?

13.7.17 Theo Sanderson and Ellen Bushell explain how characterising the role of many of the malaria parasite’s five thousand genes has shown that more of these genes are required for the parasite to grow normally, than was originally thought.

Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2016: Generation Genome highlights the potential for pathogen genomics in patient diagnosis and infection control

04.07.17 The UK Chief Medical Officer’s Report has highlighted the vital role genetics and genomics will play in UK NHS healthcare and medicine. Professor Sharon Peacock helped write the report’s chapter on Infectious disease.