Month: March 2016

Editing the Debate

Editing the genome is a grand endeavour. Discussions on the aims and regulation of genome editing need to reflect the opinion of both scientists and the public. Sarion Bowers explains.

Socialising the Genome

Anna Middleton explains how bringing together an Advertising Executive, a Genetic Counsellor and the power of Internet Videos is tackling the issues of Gnomes in the Genome

Evolution of artemisinin-resistant malaria

07/03/2016: Roberto Amato shows how mutations in the malaria gene kelch13, associated with artemisinin resistance in Southeast Asia, are far less common in Africa.

Studying gene function through natural gene knockouts in humans

Studying the genome sequences of natural gene knockouts in humans has shown that only a small fraction of our genes are essential for human health. Vagheesh Narasimhan explains.