Month: April 2015

Keeping pace with changing parasite genetics

25.04.15 Malaria parasites adapt at a frightening rate. A global collaboration has compiled a large collection of P. falciparum genomes and is using this resource to keep up.

Credit: Justine Desmond, Wellcome Images

Helping computers to read symptoms

15.04.15 Big data can help us find the causes of rare diseases. But, says Anika Oellrich, computers must first understand the many ways we describe symptoms

Herds of zebra and impala gathering on Masai Mara plain. Credit: Roomtorun

Being part of the herd saves lives

13.04.15 Stopping the leading cause of child death starts with you. Rebecca Gladstone explains how widespread vaccination protects the vulnerable

A world without smell

02.04.15 Fresh bread, your newborn baby, a gas leak; Darren Logan imagines life without these smells and explains his work to understand the genetics of anosmia

Following cancer’s journey

01.04.15 How do tumours move between organs? Are they competing when they spread or do they work cooperatively? David Wedge looks for answers in a new prostate cancer study

Cluster of prostate cancer cells. Credit: Anne Weston, IRI, CRUK, Wellcome Images.

Is the playing field level in prostate cancer?

01.04.15 Between competing prostate tumours there are often areas of normal tissue. David Wedge asks whether these healthy cells are actually creating a field effect that facilitates cancer’s spread