Month: March 2015

Salmonella Typhimurium. Credit: David Goulding, Wellcome Images

The bacteria that’s as smart as a whip

30.03.15 In the rest of the world, Salmonella Typhi has only one type of flagellin, the whip-like structure that helps it to move. Indonesian strains have at least three different types. Fernanda Schreiber asks why

From bench to bedside

18.03.15 Some scientific discoveries become life-changing technologies while others never make it to the clinic. Sarion Bowers introduces an initiative aimed at ensuring progress benefits patients

Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Patience is a virtue for tolerant bacteria

13.03.15 How do microbes develop a tolerance to antibiotics? Research into the genetic mechanisms suggest it’s something of a waiting game, explains Kate Baker

Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Answering age-old questions

09.03.15 Why do we age? What’s happening to us at a cellular level? While exploring competing theories, Tamir Chandra and Philip Ewels stumbled on some possible answers

The home of genetic sequencing

05.03.15 Fred Sanger, who unlocked life’s code, will be honoured at a ceremony this weekend. Anita Sedgewick explains how he and world-changing biologists like him are being remembered.

The sequencing laboratory at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Credit: Genome Research Limited.

SMRTer sequencing

02.03.15 We’re beginning to understand how bacterial DNA adapts and evolves. John Lees explains the long and short of the technology that’s made it possible