Month: July 2014

Chasing the cause of chicken coccidiosis

15.07.14 The secret to a devastating chicken parasite’s success could lie in the uniquely repetitive structure of its DNA, explains Adam Reid

Credit: The Wellcome Trust courtesy of RA Shooter, Wellcome Images

Secrets and secretions of merozoite proteins

10.07.14 If we can understand the function of the proteins displayed on the surface of malaria parasites, we might be able to make highly effective vaccines

The egg enigma

08.07.14 Why did it take a decade to find the perfect partner for sperm’s surface protein?

Credit: Ioan Florin Cnejevici, Shutterstock

Three shades of fat

02.07.14 If we’re to tackle obesity, it’s important to understand the crucial differences between white, beige and brown adipose tissue