Month: June 2014

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Trials and tribulations of a corresponding author

18.06.14 For Yali Xue, a series of unfortunate events made the process of publishing her paper a rather more stressful experience than it might have been

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What does it mean to be obese?

13.06.14 Measurements for obesity based on studies conducted in European populations may not be appropriate for African populations, explains Georgina Murphy

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The search for epistasis

12.06.14 In the quest to understand how genetics determines the way we function, there’s a layer of complexity that, up until now, we’ve all been ignoring, says Andrew Brown

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En busca de la epistasia

12.06.14 En la cruzada por entender cómo la genética determina la forma en que funcionamos, Andrew Brown nos cuenta cómo, hasta hace poco, hemos estado ignorando un nivel de complejidad

Manhattan skyline. Credit: Jaroslav Thraumb, Wikimedia Commons

Superbugs at home

04.06.14 MRSA isn’t just a hospital infection, it can make itself a cosy home in the community. A study in Manhattan took a different approach to tracking and control, explains Janina Dordel

Electron micrograph of the Rabies Virus. Credit: CDC/ Dr Fred Murphy

Looking further afield

03.06.14 Writing reviews on papers outside your area of expertise can inspire new ideas. Virologist Eva Archer talks about her recent foray into research on rabies