Month: April 2014

Non-allelic homologous recombination: inheritance or chance?

30.04.14 Are deletions and duplications of portions of the genome in sperm due to genetics or is it more random? Jackie MacArthur and Sarah Lindsay compared samples from twin brothers to find out

Single cell genomics: thinking small

28.04.14 Advances in single-cell genomics are starting to reveal just how much diversity can occur within a single organism, says Iain Macaulay

The enemy within

24.04.14 Virus DNA found within the genome of the disease-spreading tsetse fly could provide researchers with the key to controlling sleeping sickness, says Daniel Masiga

Shoot the messengers

14.04.14 Signalling molecules have been shown to be essential throughout the lifecycle of the malaria parasite. Disrupting them could halt development and transmission, says Mathieu Brochet

Students taking part. Credit: I'm a Scientist

Leading questions

11.04.14 Anna Middleton recently emerged victorious in an online competition where young people can ask scientists anything. She explains how instructive those questions were

An underestimated emergency

08.04.14 Antibiotic-resistant infections are disproportionately affecting the very people who can’t afford alternative treatments. The situation is critical, says Sam Kariuki