Month: December 2013

Review of the year 2013

Review of our blogs – 2013

20.12.13: Over the past year, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute researchers have shared their passion and enthusiasm for their work to understand biology, human health and disease through genomes…

Credit: Genome Research Limited

How should we use clinical genomic data?

17.12.14: The Government’s plan to sequence 100,000 people raises concerns about how genomic data is used in a clinical context to best serve patients. Ewan Birney and Caroline Wright explore the issues.

Mouse chromosomes at the pachytene stage of meiosis. The green stain highlights the synaptonemal complex, the blue stain shows the loosely condensed DNA and the red stain shows the tumour suppressor protein, BRCA1. Credit: MRC NIMR, Wellcome Images

Lost in translation

13.12.13: Mice are thought to share around 95 per cent of genes with humans. Despite this conservation and many successful studies, researchers should be cautious about conclusions drawn from mouse models, says Carla Daniela Robles-Espinoza.

Artwork showing repeated images of hearts with electrocardiogram traces. Credit: Neil Leslie, Wellcome Images

Getting to the heart of coronary artery disease

09.12.13: When searching for the genetic causes of heart disease, Deepti Gurdasani explains, it’s important to distinguish between the lipids that cause the disease and those that are simply associated with it.

Finding functions for DUF proteins

05.12.13: A group of scientists is working to characterise some of the millions of proteins designated ‘Domain of Unknown Function’. Penny Coggill explains the project and reveals some early findings.

How malaria parasites choose between us and our evolutionary cousins

03.12.13: Madushi Wanaguru talks about the challenges of studying the host-specificity of great ape malaria parasites, and the approach used by her team to circumvent these in the lab.