Month: November 2013

The rare diseases of mice and men

28.11.13: The daunting task of searching a genome to find the variation responsible for producing a genetic disease from among up to 40,000 variants can be simplified by combining large-scale mouse model and exome data, says Damian Smedley.

Understanding the known unknowns of human gene annotation

25.11.13: Annotating the human genome is not a short-term endeavour and, currently, it’s difficult even to know how much work we have ahead of us, says Jonathan Mudge.

A multi-pronged attack on malaria parasites

19.11.13: Targeting multiple life stages of the malaria parasite could help in the development of reliable vaccines, explains Madushi Wanaguru

Exploring the other 98 per cent of the genome

14.11.13: The majority of the genome has long been seen as ‘non-coding’. Vincenza Colonna explains how large data sets are enabling scientists to explore these regions and spot beneficial variation