Month: October 2013

Scratching the surface in malaria vaccine development

31.10.13: Extracellular regions of parasites are being targeted for vaccine development. Cecile Crosnier explains how they could lead researchers to reliable malaria vaccines

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

28.10.13: Some viruses are able to kill bacteria, making them helpful for scientists tackling cholera. Ana Toribio explains how a collaborative effort with Kenyan scientists is isolating and characterising potentially useful strains.

Fat Cells. Credit: David Gregory and Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images

Fighting fat with fat

21.10.13: Brown fat could offer a solution to the obesity epidemic. Stefania Carobbio explains how stem cells are helping to speed research toward clinical trials

Disrupting genes and sequencing machines

10.10.13: The Sequencing Research and Development team have their work cut out making TraDIS work on Illumina’s next-generation sequencing technology. Matthew Mayho explains the challenges

Blood smear of erythrocytes infected with plasmodium parasites. The different blood stages can be seen in violet. Credit: Loukia Yiangou

Target practice with malaria parasites

08.10.13: New Methods are being used to speed the process of identifying genes in malaria strains such as Plasmodium falciparum that are important for infection and parasite survival, explains Alena Pance

New study paves the way for single-cell genomics

01.10.13: Statistical method overcomes computational challenges at molecular biology’s new frontier